Saturday, August 27, 2011

August 27 - I'm thinking ebook readers.

So I've done some cursory research about ebook readers lately, and I've come to the decision that I'd like to own one.  So basically, I thought I'd spew out my almost entirely malformed and half-assed opinions about the three on the market now that have any appeal, and then you can tell me how wrong I am.  Ready?  Go!

Kindle 3

Ahh, the Kindle.  Mainstay of the public, bringing ebook reading to the masses, so long as you buy the file from Amazon.  Closed system with a friggin keyboard.  What's that about?  Are people really writing notes in their books?  Now convenient is that with an eink screen, no touch, and a directional pad?  Seems like it takes up an awful lot of space (and makes companies like iRiver decide it's a great idea and blatantly copy with the Story).  On the upside, the Kindle is pretty cheap right now, especially if you go for the ones with ads.  A lifetime of inconvenience for merely $25!

Nook (2?  Wifi?  Rubbery?  Touch?)

The Nook.  I had high hopes for you to begin with.  Your big brother looked so sweet and worked so poorly.  I would have bought him if page turns didn't take 45 minutes.  Yes, you got better, but by then, it was already too late.  But wait, a new one was on the horizon!  A Nook with a touch screen!  Rubbery back, contoured for easy holding!  As cheap as a regular Kindle!

As a side note, I have a child.  I was reading him a Dr. Suess book and there was a creature named the Nook.  The Nook cannot read.  What the...?  Look it up.

Kobo (Touch?  Shiz?  Out of business?)

Screw you Borders.  That is all.

Well there it stands.  I think we can clearly see where I fall on this list.  Anyone have an ereader?  What kind?  Do you like it?


  1. lool we all know the kindle is the way forward :P

  2. Never been interested in ebooks. I've always liked reading books

  3. my friend has an ebook reader by sony... its old but its nice..... to be honest, the biggest thing you want to look for, is the type of files it can show. just make sure it can display .txt and .pdf as thoes are the most common.

  4. i would consider getting one for travel...but can you really enjoy a screen as much as a tangible book with pages and smells?!


  5. I was gonna buy the $99 but they ran out.

  6. go for the HP touchpad, if they still have any that is

  7. ebooks are the way to the next generation, but i only bought a cheap chinesee one in eBay ($40). USB port, led, pdf-txt compatible, 5", nice stuff.

  8. i'd lookout for the touchpad if i were you