Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15

Today, noted businessman Warren Buffett declared that the government should raise taxes on the wealthy.  Some responded, Michelle Bachmann for example, with a call to put up or shut up.  I find this rather odd.  What good can a single billionaire do to our deficit and economy in general.  Buffett's net worth is around 50 billion.  Pretty similar to Bill Gates.  When our deficit  is in the trillions, what can he do alone that will help?

It seems odd to attack someone saying that he is not paying his fair share for this country.  No one donates to the United States.  Really, why would they?  America sells bonds that, while low in return, are far better than simply giving away money.

Perhaps Buffett isn't espousing this view for the good of the country or any degree of altruism.  So what?  He recognises that the country is spiraling out of control in debt.  At the very worst, he knows that his fortune is gone if the dollar becomes worthless.  An organized effort to raise taxes on the super rich might be the only thing that prevents total collapse in the future.

The danger that some people see is that these people are the job creators.  Raising taxes might push them elsewhere.  But the problem is that companies are sitting on record profits and not hiring.  The economic times cause them to clamp down their bank accounts.  It perpetuates the problem.

The debt ceiling debacle highlighted some very real problems in this country.  We are borrowing too much.  Very difficult cuts need to be made in spending to go hand in hand with tax increases.  Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world, realizes that in order to stabilize the country, taxes need to rise because the pattern of lowering taxes to increase employment is not working.

What do you think?  How would you balance this budget?


  1. If every person in the United States were to donate 10 dollars to the government, we would be able to cut down the debt substantially. Why aren't we doing this?

  2. Not the slightest clue. Seems like the economy is in some real trouble. But I tend to agree with Buffet.

  3. Many country borrow too much and then the public have to suffer in some way. nice post (Y)

  4. Buffet, for a rich, has always seemed of sound mind and down to earth to me. I mean obviously hes doing something right. If the rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer...Cmon whats the logical choice to take from lol.