Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 18

Nothing serious today, lets talk about cheap eating.  How many of you are in college?  I graduated a year ago, and looking back, I ate some weird stuff.  Of course we all have the ramen.  What kind of things did you put on it?  I never used the salt packer.  A dollar bottle of alfredo sauce will last quite a while.  Minute rice with some canned chili or something.  Looks like dog food, but takes decent enough.

Ok team, what kind of cheap meals do you enjoy?  I'm talking a dollar or less here!


  1. I drink a lot of water and anything free (like the little candies at offices) I can find.

  2. I try to revolve around the Dollar Store magic :)
    Sweets & Chips mostly

  3. Haha I buy cheap noodles and mix it with cheap tuna :D Tastes nice and its a good carb protein meal