Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Asbestos Mill

I came across a picture of the old asbestos mill while I was at work today.  They used to mine the stuff and send it through there.  Seems pretty non-descript for how dangerous it is.

Yes, people, that is where they produced the stuff that causes all that great cancer.  Why did I come across this?  I had a research request concerning one of the high schools around here.  In 1990, two of them had to combine because one shut down for the year for asbestos abatement.  A whole year!


  1. Looks so plain and nonthreatening. I wonder what substances we'll find out in the future are messing us up, like corn syrup or something.

  2. The concept of asbestos is an odd one for me, it honestly is. It's just so weird that people used it like everything else then one day realised it's a silent killer. Horrible stuff, it's a nightmare of mine to one day realise there's asbestos in my house.