Thursday, December 15, 2011

Asbestos Companies

So I was going through pictures at the archives today and I came across some interesting ones.

These are from the town I live in.  You hear a lot on the news about asbestos related illnesses (and in fact, two of my grandparents died of those, asbestosis I think) and about how you should call an attorney to get some money out of it. 

Have you ever seen someone do an asbestos abatement?  We had some tiles at a school of mine that turned out to have some asbestos in them.  They take it seriously, it is like a chemical weapon spill.  For a tile.  It is hard to imagine that people actually used to just work with the stuff.  Those guys working on the asbestos chimneys probably didn't wear any form of protection against the stuff. 

Of course, it is only now that we know about the various mix of cancers (mesothelioma being the one you hear about most) and other illnesses (pleural plaques and effusion, along with asbestosis) that asbestos causes.

There was an asbestos mine up on the mountain that I have some pictures of.  I'll probably post those sometime.  These guys are mining without any forms of breathing protection, but of course, none really existed or was thought necessary.  My how times have changed.


  1. The whole asbestos thing creeps me out, that we were accidentally supplying ourselves with this chemical while thinking it was helpful, it seems a horrible mistake for man to make, I know people who've died from asbestos related illness in my family as well.

  2. very scary and unfortunate stuff.

  3. Asbestos still has some useful functions, but you don't want to find the stuff in your house.

  4. On ongoing tragedy. Good pictures though.