Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 27 - The Volunteers

I may have mentioned at some point that I work in basically a museum.  We try to make as much of our collection searchable as possible.  Unfortunately, our pool of labor is pretty limited.  There is a group of 80 year old volunteers that come in and attempt to help out, but they usually end up giving us more work in the end.  Here:

Ok.  5 unkown caddy strippers.  Seriously this went into one of the volunteer's databases.  Luckily we don't give them access to the real ones.  For the curious, they are supposed to be Candy Stripers which are old timey hospital volunteers.  Anyway, I'm not entirely sure who came up with the idea that these people should have access to a computer, but I'm thankful for the new business model for golf.


  1. This is pretty cool. Thanks for showing this buddy.

  2. That is hilarious. Did they think they'd actually get accepted?

  3. candy stripers into caddy strippers.... hahahahaha